Davis, California

Territorial Ranch

Location: Davis, California
Design Type: Residential
TBA: New Construction


Davis, California

Design Type




Project Overview

This new home is a modern adaptation of the traditional Territorial style ranch home. To complement this architectural style, the client requested a minimalist site design emphasizing low water-use plantings. Agaves, Phormium, Lavender, native grasses and Olive trees were carefully placed for maximum enjoyment. Livestock watering troughs were adapted for use as a fountain in the entrance courtyard, and as raised planters for vegetable gardening adjacent to the outdoor kitchen. The interior courtyard is modestly landscaped with three Canary Island Palms, lawn, and concrete terraces surrounding a lap pool. A broad expanse of native grasses at the perimeter of the yard merges the domestic landscape with the adjacent wilds.


General Contractor

Barry Landy, RLB Construction

Landscape Contractor

Tom Wheat Landscaping